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With hundreds of Academic programs available, academically-minded students may enroll in a program best suited to their area of specialization or major


Coursework Classes With Local Students

Take a seat in the same tutorials, lectures, seminars, and webinars as local students, as you would at your home university. Earn credit back to your degree, with your home university's approval.

Single Term or Multi-Term Enrollment

Enroll in a standard full-time coursework study load at your new host university for a single semester, quarter, or term, or extend with a longer enrollment period.

Sound Language & Academic Skills Required

Academic Programs are designed for students with a history of coursework completion at their home university and evidence of proficiency in the language of instruction of their host university.


通常の語学要件にわずかに満たない学生は、語学力強化コースと学部授業履修コースを組み合わせた複合コースをお選びいただけます。Generally, these programs allow students to study a reduced credit load while also studying to improve their language proficiency through parallel enrollment at the university and language center.


Coursework With Locals & Language Classes With Visiting Students

While in your university courses, enjoy classes with local students as you would at your home university. While in your language units, you'll meet new international friends from all over the world.

Single Term or Multi-Term Enrollment

Enjoy study abroad for just a single semester, quarter, or summer, or extend your time abroad by progressing from a Concurrent Program to an Academic Program the following term if you achieve the progression scores required.

Sound Academic Requirement, Lower Language Requirement

Take a parallel enrollment with a partial coursework study load and a partial language center study load. Earn partial credit towards your degree back home and improve your language proficiency.



学生の語学力の有無に関わらず、留学することが可能です。我々は大学構内の言語センターと独占的に提携し、語学力強化を目的とした純粋な言語コースを提供します。Regardless of your current level of proficiency, you can improve through a full overseas immersion experience.


For Beginner+ Language Learners

Most of our standalone language programs offer classes suitable for students at all levels - from Beginner to Advanced proficiency. At most centers, your language proficiency will be assessed through a placement test on your first day.

Homestay Housing Included

Most SAF Language programs include accommodation with a local homestay family, giving you the full immersion experience. Practice your newfound language skills in class and at home, while getting to know how it feels to really live like a local.

Not Academically Assessed

Most host university language centers do not grant credit for language training classes, meaning your prior academic experience is not assessed as part of the application process. However, your home university may still grant credits for your studies in language classes abroad - so check with SAF and your home university.

Single or Multi-Term Enrollment

Enroll in for a single semester, quarter, or term, or extend with a multi-term enrollment and study for several terms for as long as it takes to achieve your language goals.


単位取得可能な留学プログラムへ参加したいがまだ語学要件を満たしていない場合、SAFの語学力強化+学部授業履修プログラムを選択いただけます。Language Pathway programs are generally for one term of enrollment, and candidates will need to demonstrate their current level of proficiency and prior academic achievement before commencement. Students will need to achieve a minimum final score to advance to an Academic program in their second term. 


For Intermediate+ Language Learners

If your existing language proficiency is very close to the level required for admission into the Academic program, and your GPA is also satisfactory, you can study this program for one term and progress to a second term Academic program if you achieve satisfactory progression.

Homestay Housing Included

Most SAF Language programs include accommodation with a local homestay family, giving you the full immersion experience. Practice your newfound language skills in class and at home, while getting to know how it feels to really live like a local.

Sound Academic Experience Required

Admission into a Language Pathway program requires evidence of sound academic achievement. Your GPA will be taken into consideration for admission into your second-term program.

Multi-Term Combined Enrollment

Enrolling in a Language Pathway Program means you have a plan to progress to a second term of enrollment. You will receive an offer to study which requires you to meet minimum progression milestones throughout your study abroad program.




Earn Extra Credits

Aside from being a fun way to spend your summer, studying extra credits over your regular vacation can put you ahead of your study plans. Earning extra credits may help your graduate earlier, or study additional courses you find interesting.

Meet Diverse Students

Summer study abroad programs cater to students from all over the world, and have the flexibility to focus on different topics that aren't constrained to academic year modules.

Many Program Options

Studying abroad in summer can take many different forms. Perhaps you enroll in the popular for-credit Academic option, or you use your time to study a Language Pathway program so you can progress into an Academic program in fall. The choice is yours!


留学先大学の教授の協力を得て、学生は大学の授業期間中ひたすら研究に取り組むことができます。Generally, there is very limited availability in Research programs, and prospective applicants may need to be pre-assessed by the university prior to enrolling with SAF.


High Academic Entry Requirements

Research programs are renowned for their academic rigour. Applicants will generally need to have completed a minimum of four semesters, or two yeras, of undergraduate study within the designated specialization, and have intention to pursue a Masters or Ph.D.

Direct Faculty Engagement

Work in very small groups, or even one-on-one, with some of the world's best faculty researchers, and gain valuable insights and referees for further graduate study.

Improve Your Graduate Research Prospects

Over 50% of Research program alumni have successfully gained admission into top 50 graduate programs in the United States.


SAFは、限られた質の高いパートナーと協力して、学んだことを実生活で活かすための専門的なインターンシップの機会を学生に提供します。Internships are a fantastic way to gain real-world experience in an overseas workplace. 


Gain Valuable Industry Experience

Discover the ins and outs of your future career industry. Interning abroad helps you develop valuable job skills crucial to hireability, such as language proficiency, cultural understanding, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability, and self-confidence.

Get a Foot in the Door

There are many paths to working abroad, but an internship abroad creates a natural opportunity for you to go back in the future. Why not lay the groundwork for an international career now while you can earn credit and benefit from the support SAF offers throughout the process?


SAFはIES Abroadの一員であり、IESインターンシップは世界中の学生に適したバーチャル、リモート、対面でのインターンシップ経験を提供しています。申し込み可能ないろいろな種類のインターンシップの情報を知って、SAF学生カウンセラーとオプションについて相談しましょう。